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8 Week Programs
morning or after-school

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Highlights Below. Full Catalog of One Day Programs Here.

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Eco Warriors

A 12 week after-school program featuring hands-on kits, live Zoom sessions, art, data collection, science activities, and outdoor requirements.

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Tree Selfies

What's growing on?  Tree power! Learn about the structure and function of trees while drawing yourself as one.  How will you fight climate change?

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Totally Turtles!

60 packed minutes of turtle trivia as we create art and learn how to prevent water pollution. Live version features decorating reusable bags!

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Milkweed & More

Milkweed supports more than just monarchs. Learn all about this amazing plant, its parts and life cycle, and the many animals that interact with it day and night. Includes a drawing activity, lecture, videos, and games.

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Creating Habitats

Learn how to attract birds, plant for pollinators, create space for amphibians, and protect the environment!

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Compost Cafe

Meet Blind Lemon Nightcrawler, the deep underground jazz worm who teaches about compost and food waste through art, interviews, and games.  Start composting!


Backyard Bees

"Ace" your bee i.d.s of nature's many pollinators while you create a memorable playing card.

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Frogs and Toads

Learn about the life cycles, habitats, range, call, defenses, and threats to over ten species and how you can protect them.  Design trading cards!

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Mysterious Mushrooms

Decomposers, secret talkers, super moochers, oh my! Fungi interact with so much of life on earth. Learn their roles in the environment while you embark on a colorful and bizarre journey through the Northeast.


Microscope Kaleidoscope

What's moving under the microscope? Learn about paramecium, amoebas, and more while making abstract art.


Image by Enrico Mantegazza

Animal Detectives

Learn how to search for and identify animal tracks, scat, food remains, shelters, and more. Then collect data, and assess the biodiversity of your site. Program can run for either 45 minutes or 90 minutes. For Grades 3 and up.  Kits available for virtual program.

Image by Cristian Turcu

Tree Detectives

Identify trees and tree parts. Learn about their role and function in climate change mitigation, the value of trees, trees as habitat, native versus non-native/invasive species, and more. Includes scavenger hunts, “crazy crayons” leaf rubbing activity, a leaf detectives station (featuring galls, bites, skeletonized, and spotted), and a tree selfie station. Program can run for either 45 minutes or 90 minutes. Appropriate for all ages. Kits available for virtual program.

Image by Ali Kazal

Seed Detectives

Uncover the mystery of how seeds get around! Prep for a scavenger hunt, sort through your findings, draw seed shapes and patterns, and learn how to preserve your seeds! 45 minutes. For Pre-K through Grade 2.  Kits available for virtual program.

School Trip in Forest

Custom Field Trip

Interested in a specific environment- and/or art-related field trip that is not listed here? Get in touch with us!  We can make experiences from  macroinvertebrates to your favorite local mammal!  Kits available for virtual program.

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