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Are experiences really only 15 minutes?

Yes and no.  Most of our programs run 90 minutes.  Individual activities can take as little as 15 minutes, perfect for schools to recreate as part of getting outdoor education included every day.  We show you how!


Do you offer virtual programs?

YES!  Many of our programs can now be experienced virtually.  They may include live online games, materials packets, and quick outdoor challenges before checking back in.


How much are programs?

Prices vary due to staff and materials needed, but small group programs start at $150, large groups $500, 6 week programs $900 and 12 week programs $1500.  Prices subject to change.  Check our Events tab for free and low-cost programs, after-school programs, and camps.


How do I choose a program?

Browse through our "Field Trips" tab to find the right one for you.  We also do birthday parties!  Need help creating an outdoor experience tied to NGSS and your specific location? We can help!


Why is art part of your programs?

Creating art helps reinforce learning and makes the experience personal and meaningful.  Art can also be used for advocacy.


Why are we here?

Studies show that today's environmental advocates share two traits: Positive experiences with nature during childhood, and positive mentors in the outdoors.  15 Minute Field Trips provides positive experiences, helping people expand their comfort zone and their wonder of nature.  We also offer teen mentor positions for volunteer hours.

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