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Need a morning or after-school program?

8 Week Programs with 15MFT

Programs for K-5

Animal Clues Learn to track animals by looking for tracks, scat, homes, and other clues.  Examine animal furs, skulls, and exoskeletons.  Learn about 6 squirrel species and their special adaptations. Make and find camouflage insects. Follow an ant's journey in a scavenger hunt.  Look under logs! 


Aquatic Animals What floats your boat?  Visit ponds and rivers to find ducks, frogs, and turtles.  Make turtles, tadpoles, frogs, dragonflies, and ducks.  Learn what sinks and floats and more about water with the "Water Olympics" and boat run.


Birds, Bees, and Butterflies  Explore animal adaptations, such as different types of beaks, the amazing defenses of caterpillars, and the biomimicry or warning colors of moths and butterflies.  Make origami flyers, fashionable caterpillars, flowers, bees, and other art, build a bird nest and feed your babies in a relay race for "bugs", and visit flowers to learn how pollination happens.


Bugs & Slugs Beetles, butterflies, worms, and more...  Explore the jobs of our favorite critters, from pollination to recycling.  "Be" a bee, compost food scraps, make slime, and more.  Catch and release bugs outside.  


Dinosaur Daze  Journey back in time to learn how rocks were made and fossils formed.  Make your own fossils and volcano, go on a paleontological dig, and design your own plant or meat-eating dinosaur!


Music & Mayhem Make percussion instruments, rubber band guitars, rainsticks, and guiros and learn how to play them!  Get inspired as we create a thunderstorm soundscape and take turns conducting.  Learn how crickets and other insects make sound.  


Ocean Explosion Dive deep into the sea to learn about fish, starfish, sharks, jellyfish, shellfish, and more.  Each day features an art project such as clay, paint, or puppet, science activity, and outdoor play.


Out of This World Explore outer space, learning about constellations and the phases of the moon.  Try out your skills at the "Alien Olympics".  Design a recycled spaceship and fire off ours.  Get back in time to save Earth with some "green" technology!

Plant Power  Become a "bioneer" working with plants and plant technology!  Start a mini greenhouse, power a clock with a potato, design "flyers" based on seeds, identify plant parts, make plant art, and learn plant science with celery, scallions, corn, and peas.


Eco-Warriors Learn how to identify and collect data on plants, animals, and fungus using apps, cell phones, and science tools.  Dive deeper creating watercolor studies, sketches, clay models, and more.  Design a park with green infrastructure and learn how to mitigate the effects of climate change.


Microworlds Identify parts of an animal cell and make “cell slime”.  Identify parts of a plant cell and make a shrinking “cell” phone.  Create a model of a plant or animal cell using craft materials.  DNA Macrame.  Weave a double-helix.  Swap egg creatures to see how traits are passed on. Lichen Study: Learn what lichen is and the 3 basic growth types.  Make watercolor studies. Identify lichens using key, chemistry tests, and other resources.  

Examine and identify aquatic specimens found in moss and lichen.  Create an abstract piece reflecting the movement of a chosen aquatic creature.


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