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15 Minute Field Trips™ offers hands-on education programs at the intersection of art, community action, and the natural world. We believe art is an especially effective motivator of environmental advocacy. When we observe art in nature, and create art from nature, we develop a unique sense of unity with and protectiveness over the environment. 15 Minute Field Trips harnesses this philosophy in its virtual and in-person training sessions, designed to instill in students, youth groups, and families an appreciation for the outdoors, and empower them as environmental activists. Through frequent exposure to nature we create responsible citizens and advocates for environmental and racial justice and provide ways to reduce anxiety through the enjoyment of nature.

15 Minute Field Trips (15MFT) is an organization rooted in concepts of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Our programs, while versatile, prioritize reaching urban and BIPOC communities to help build connection with nature, understanding of local ecosystems, and the advocacy necessary to protect it all. By working in predominantly Hispanic and Black neighborhoods, such as lower South Providence, 15 Minute Field Trips is able to extend these programs to students who may otherwise lack access.


We acknowledge the ancestral homelands of Indigenous peoples in these areas, including the Narragansett, Nipmuc, Pokanoket, and Wampanoag since time immemorial, and seek their guidance in our collective efforts to preserve the environment. 


The 15 Minute Field Trips Board of Directors is currently about 33% BIPOC, and of diverse age, gender, and socioeconomic status.  The Board also includes those identifying as queer and of Jewish descent.  All are deeply concerned about the environment.


Our organization aims to further engage in intentional JEDI work by hiring staff from within the neighborhoods we serve to assist with leading programs. Ideally we would hire a member of the South Providence community while also adding to our network of BIPOC mentors, staff, and BOD members.


15MFT does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender-identity, physical ability, or neurodiversity.  We continue to adapt programs to be more accessible, including providing educational materials and invitations in Spanish, using amplified sound and windowed masks, asking if accommodations are needed on our registration forms, and having programs accessible by bus routes and ADA compliant.  We are especially welcoming of people in the Autistic community. 


Melissa Guillet

Melissa Guillet, Creative Director

Melissa Guillet, Creative Director

Melissa became a URI Master Gardener in 2011 and was involved in the pilot Eco-Exploration Camp.  She was also in Audubon Society of RI's pilot Schoolyard Science for an Urban Eco-System and was named Environmental Educator of the Year in 2012.  She started and maintains a school garden where she teaches environmental education STEM to STEAM.  She continues to be recognized for her program development and dedication to environmental literacy, speaking at the Rhode Island Environmental Education Association's annual meeting on STEM to STEAM enactment, presenting and workshopping "Art & Design to Engage Kids in STEM Subjects" at the New England Association of Technology Teachers 2014 conference, presenting on how to start and maintain a school garden at the 2015 "School Gardens 101" conference at Rhode Island College, and has received multiple recognition awards from the East Providence School Department.  She has developed her programming over years working with elementary students and started an Eco-Warrior program to encourage environmental leadership at home.

dana goodman.jpg

Dana Goodman, President

Dana Goodman, President

Dana believes in the power of education and inspired action to improve our communities and environment for the benefit of seven generations beyond ourselves. Her environmental focus on conservation, sustainability and renewable energy has led her to a career in the solar industry. Dana's work in art has included filmmaking, photography and jewelry design. She is a dedicated LGBTQ ally, environmental activist, and martial artist. In her personal time she enjoys the ocean, the forest, travel, antique books, and a darn good cup of coffee.


Marlon Carey, Vice-President

Marlon Carey, Vice-President

Named Best Hip Hop Poet by the Cambridge Poetry Awards two years in a row, Marlon has also been the Boston Cantab Lounge’s “Grand Slam Champion”. Marlon has been a TEDxBoston speaker and a presenter at a Providence presentation of Pechakucha. Carey has been a regular collaborator with local Storytelling troupe, RIBS (Rhode Island Black Storytellers), including Valerie Tutson, Raffini, and Len Cabral. In theater, Carey has been in major plays such as The Sunset Limited, Topdog / Underdog, and Shakespeare’s Othello, in which he played the character Iago with great success. He remains active in the area of theatre and was a lead actor in the original run of When Mahalia Sings, at Mixed Magic Theatre. He was a member of the famed 2nd Story Theatre and has performed in Take Me Out, A Few Good Men, Lobby Hero, Enron, and The Boys Next Door.


Maggie Sheerin, Secretary

Maggie Sheerin, Secretary

Maggie Sheerin is a local Rhode Islander with a love for the outdoors and spreading environmental awareness. She brings to the team a passion for composting organic matter and community connection. She joined the team through her work with Urban Greens Co-op Market and continues to connect resources with Zero Waste Providence volunteers and biking around the state.

chris wix.jpeg

Christine Guillet, Treasurer


Phoenyx Williams, Board


Jen Francazio, Board

Chris Guillet, Treasurer

Chris worked in retail banking for 33 years, starting her career as a part-time teller and ending her career as a Vice President in middle management. She also was licensed in series 6 and 63 which allowed her to offer alternative investments such as mutual funds and annuities. 

She served on the non profit board of Self Help Inc as treasurer, which eventually merged with Newport to become East Bay CAP. She served on this board for 12 years and was familiar with various funding sources that supported the organization. Chris retired in 2015 but has remained very involved with her community and serves as chair on the community’s activity committee

Phoenyx Williams, Board

Phoenyx has been an educator in the Providence charter school systems for the past 3 years.  During that time he has taught art, the poetics of hip hop, beat making, graphic design, history and photography. Prior to becoming involved with Charter schools, He worked as an actor and entertainer with the Wilbury Theatre Group and Big Nazo Labs.   He participated in after-school enrichment programs with Big Nazo Labs and various schools and organizations throughout Rhode Island.  He has taught summer theater classes at The Wilbury theatre. This active father of two loves painting, making music, and bicycling!  

Jen Francazio, Board

is an early childhood educator, artist, and play advocate based out of Providence. They specialize in healthy early gender development and have presented at Early Ed. conferences across the US.  Jen has a passion for unstructured outdoor play, bug hunting, and mud puddles.

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